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Your 7 Day Skincare Regime

Lucy Vose, Head of Training, at French beauty & skincare brand Gatineau for the last 15 years shares her 7-day bodycare regime and expert advise on why it’s so important to care for the skin on the body, and how you can incorporate it into an overall wellness regime for radiant, glowing skin.


Follow these simple steps for just 7 days and you will already notice an improvement to skin texture and suppleness! I’d recommend using the body brush once per day and applying moisturiser or lotion morning and evening.

Use the Body Brush on dry skin and work in gentle upwards motions. The morning is the best time to do this because toxins accumulate whilst we sleep. Always begin at the ankles in upward movements towards the heart – the same direction as the the lymphatic fluid that flows through the body removing toxins. Then, move up to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and arms. Be gentle over softer and more sensitive skin around the chest and décolleté and avoid any areas of inflamed, broken or particularly sensitive skin.

Follow with your normal bath or shower. Whilst you’re in the bath or shower, take a moment to take 5 deep breaths, focusing on the feeling of breathing into your tummy. Breathe in for 7 counts, and out for 11 counts. This will relax your body and mind, stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (the opposite of our fight or flight response) to bring calm and regain clarity and focus.

Alternate temperatures in the shower from hot to cold to further invigorate the skin and stimulate circulation.

Alternate each day between the DefiLift Body Oil and the AHA Body Lotion.

DefiLift Body Oil Application: pump the oil into the palm of your hand – a comfortable amount that you can hold/control. Be sure to cup your hand around the pump to prevent spillages – this is a professional product designed for use in the salon! Apply to the skin whilst still slightly damp after your bath or shower and gently massage in circular motions until absorbed, concentrating particularly on any sore muscles, dry areas, or target areas. Allow to sink in and dry before putting on clothes.

AHA Body Lotion: this soaks in more quickly than the DefiLift Oil and you can apply liberally all over the body after showering.

By alternating between these products each day you will reap the full benefits of the lifting and toning quality of the Oil, as well as the deeply nourishing and softening action of the Lotion.


Apply your Tan Accelerating Lotion once per day from head to toe – you can include the face. The melanin-activating peptides will give your skin a radiant glow even if you aren’t going on holiday. If you are going away, make sure to use it ten days prior, throughout, and as a tan prolonger on your return.


AHA Body Lotion – this is a daily moisturising lotion for the body formulated with AHAs to gently exfoliate away small bumps, while simultaneously drawing moisture to the epidermis.

Tan Accelerating Lotion – one of our most famous products, the revolutionary Tan Accelerator uses Melanin-Activating Peptides to help the skin to tan more easily and ward off prickly heat.

DefiLift 3D Body Oil – our latest launch this is our recipe in a bottle for high-intensity toning. Green Tea, Ivy, Grapeseed and Vitamin E work to boost circulation, tone, and improve skin texture.

Beechwood Body Brush – an important part of every body care regimen, this body brush will work to remove toxins, exfoliate and soften the skin, and promote skin regeneration.


And of course, with all the exercise you’re doing and additional toxin release from brushing and product application, it’s crucial you drink your daily quota of water to flush out the toxins and keep cells hydrated! Aim for 3 litres per day.

Thanks for reading!

Lucy x


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