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Autumn Running Tips

Fall in love with running this Autumn

It’s time to accept that summer has finally passed and that Autumn is upon us. Colder days and crisper skies mean that for many runners Autumn is their favourite running season. Here are a few tips to help you embrace the crisp air and get the most out of the months.

1. Warm-up

In these cooler temperatures it’s important to spend an extra few minutes warming up your muscles before you start running at pace. Start by walking or jogging slowly, do this until your muscles feel warm and then slowly pick up the pace. This will reduce the risk of injury and should enable you to run easier for longer.

2. Motivation

If you have been running through Summer, now is not the time to quit. It might be colder but Autumn and Winter are the best times to build strength and fitness for those Spring running events. If you’re struggling to get out the door and lace up those running shoes, why not change things up. Join a running group or start training with a friend OR both. Running groups are great for motivation and a sense of camaraderie. It’s important that you keep things fun as this makes you more likely to keep at it. Plus at Every Second Counts we do some great technical layers to keep you warm and dry on those chilly winter mornings. No excuses!

3. Keep it interesting

One of the best things about Autumn is that running routes are less busy, holidaymakers have gone home and we can welcome the return of some peace and quiet on our regular routes. With less people around now is the time to discover new running trails to keep things interesting. Autumn is the perfect time to try trail and/or cross country running, it’s fantastic fitness and good excuse to get a bit muddy – just make sure if you’re running after dark to always go with a friend or a group. Find trails near you at

4. Hydration

Just because it’s now Autumn doesn’t mean that you no longer have to think about hydration, no matter the weather you always have to remember to drink water. If you’re running, you’ll be sweating, and you need to replace any lost fluid. Drink up and reduce the risk of cramping.

5. Kit

Like the old saying goes; “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, this couldn’t be more true for Autumn running. In the colder temperature your circulation decreases, causing joints and tendons to become less flexible. This loss in flexibility can increase the risk of injury significantly. It is important to keep your skin covered and add layers as you need them. Start with full length tights or leggings and a long sleeve base layer, as the weeks go on and the temperature continues to drop add more layers. Running jackets, windbreakers, hats and gloves are key to keeping warm but it is also worth thinking about staying visible. If you are running on the road or foot path in the dark, bright colours and reflective materials are a must for staying safe.

Here is our recommended Autumn running kit:



Reflective running tights: Speed Tight

Long sleeve base layer: Bolt Technical Top

Light weight windbreaker: Covert Windbreaker

Reflective running jacket: Sprint Jacket


Bright running leggings: Live Every Day Legging

Reflective running leggings: Speed Legging

Bright long sleeve base layer: Balance Top

Reflective running jacket: Run The Night Jacket

Just remember; Life is better when you’re running!

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