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24hrs with: Anthony Fletcher

by Team ESC -

Want to know what it's like to be a professional coach? We caught up with Anthony Fletcher, Biomechanics Coach and OneTrack Run Club Founder to see what an average day looks like for him!


6am - Lee, Team GB Triathlete Session

My alarm goes off around 5.30am most mornings, which means I have no choice but to be a morning person (coffee is very much my friend)! I head to PerformanceRx in Maida Vale to meet Lee, a Team GB Triathlete, who I work with on injury prevention and strength & conditioning. Today’s session is early-stage prep for the World Championships in Australia and working on his base strength. He’s a pleasure to train as he also works full-time in a high-powered job so his commitment and passion is amazing.


8am - Private Biomechanics Session

I stay in the clinic to take two clients that have come to me specifically to manage their Biomechanics. This session is about prevention rather than cure and building them into resilient parents, balancing kids and training. I’ve based myself out of this clinic due to Joel Proskewitz’s reputation as the best exercise-based, back-pain specialist in London. Joel is a pioneer in fitness-based rehab and is a constant reminder to never stop learning.


12 noon - Lunch Meeting

I head back to my base in Kensington to meet a tech entrepreneur for lunch. Amongst biomechanics, running and boxing, I’m passionate about tech and innovation in the fitness space. I have helped a number of companies enter the industry and have seen the landscape change so much over the years. Tech is coming! I believe there is a huge place for tech in fitness, however it can never replace the role of the coach.


2pm - Equinox Precision Running Class

I’ve been working with Equinox Kensington since they first opened in London in 2012 (and now at E St James’s). My main focus is Precision Running, which is a programme designed by David Siik, Running Manager for Equinox. Using a method of balancing speed, incline and duration we bring people into a safe interval training environment.


4pm - Charlie, Muay Thai World Champion Session

After grabbing some snacks (and maybe another flat white!), I stay in Equinox to meet Charlie Peters, who is 3 x Muay Thai World Champion and current UK No 2. He’s fighting for the UK No 1 on the 7th of July against a very tough opponent in Liam Harrison*. We have been working on his Biomechanical function, basic strength, cardio conditioning and force development. Muay Thai is a passion of mine and it’s taken me to Australia to train with John Wayne Parr (who takes all the credit for getting me to enjoy running) and to Thailand to train in the homeland of the sport.


6.45pm - OneTrack Run Club Weekly Session

After squeezing in another private client, it’s a speedy trip down to Chelsea where I coach a free weekly run club, OneTrack. This summer we’ve teamed up with KXU to take residency at the Duke of York Square but we’re usually based in Paddington. We welcome everyone from beginners to elites - the sense of community and friendship that develops is awesome.


9pm - Home

Phew - and relax! Kind of. I’m usually lucky enough to come home to some home-made food as I sit down and try to stay awake whilst tackling some final emails and catching up with my girlfriend (and dog!).

My days are always long but I wouldn’t change what I do for the world!

It's really important that I have functional and technical clothes than can go from an indoor training session, to a meeting, to coaching a track session outdoors. I love the Every Second Counts collection as they look great to-and-from sessions also. My favourite is the Unwind Top as it's made from merino wool.


Keep up to date with Anthony's story on Instagram @aka_fletch and @onetrack_club, on Facebook @AnthonyFletcherFitnessProfessional or online

*Charlie won the fight and is now UK No. 1!