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5 Benefits of Yoga

by Team ESC -

Here's our top 5 reasons why you should add yoga to your daily routine: 

1. You Time 

One of the main reasons we look forward to practicing yoga daily is the downtime. When you take time out of your hectic schedule for a daily yoga session you can switch off the rest of the world and focus on yourself for an hour. Eliminate distractions, turn your phone off and don’t get interrupted. It’s all about you!

2. Say Goodbye to Aches & Pains

Focus on poses that combat your particular aches and pains. Make sure you’re already familiar with these poses and the correct technique to maximise the benefits; by strengthening these muscles it will help keep you healthy and pain-free. 

3. Better Posture

As many of us spend most of our  day sitting down at a desk it is important to re-align your body daily. Stretching and strengthening the body prevents problems from developing. If you have bad posture, daily yoga can help improve it and can even help you eliminate problems completely.

4. Boost your Immune 

If find you find yourself always battling illness, yoga can be a fantastic way to clear the mind and improve physical health. Many poses have been found to positively affect immunity and prevent various types of illness.

5. Improve your Zzz’s

If you suffer from sleep problems, such as insomnia, yoga can be a great way to address the symptoms without medication. Yoga is natural, it relaxes the mind and body, creating a sense of calm. To treat sleep problems, try your daily yoga session just before bed and end your day feeling well rested and ready to sleep.


Until next time,

Team ESC