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5 Fitness Apps to Use at Home

by Team ESC -

7 minute workout

Everyone’s got 7 minutes, right? Well put them to good use and let this FREE app get you in shape wherever you are. Perfect for a hotel room workout, all you need is a chair as a prop. It’s interval training inspired so you push yourself for 30 seconds then get 10 seconds rest before the next exercise. Here at ESC HQ we like to work up a proper sweat and do the 7 minute workout 3 times round with skipping for 2 mins in-between rounds if you really want to step it up a gear.

Free, IOS, Android

GymPact Anywhere

If you’re already using GymPact then GymPact Anywhere helps you keep that pact when you can’t get to the gym, logging the minutes you workout for when you’re away. So what’s GymPact all about for those of you that haven’t heard about it? If you really struggle to keep your gym visits consistent then GymPact adds money in to the equation to get you up off the couch! Make your ‘pact’ by setting your target number of gym visits for the week – if you reach your goal you earn money, if you don’t you get fined and your money gets spilt between those who kept their pact. Put your money where your muscle is!

Free, IOS, Android

Workout Trainer

Set your sex, D.O.B. and then choose whether you want Casual, Moderate or Intense workouts(obvs we went for Intense - go hard or go home!) select your fitness goals, a preferred workout time and you’re ready to go. Choose from 1000s of workouts including a Workout of the Week and easy to use picture guides of how to do each exercise.

Free, IOS, Android

Yoga Studio app

Turn your hotel room into a private yoga studio(candles optional) with this great app, we use ours on the ipad when we’re travelling as the perfect way to wind down and tone up after a stressful day of meetings. Search through over 30 pre-loaded classes by ability, focus, intensity and duration or make your own class by  choosing poses to make a personalized program . You can even schedule a class by syncing with your calendar so no excuses for missing out! Just make sure you’re connected to wifi when you download your chosen class.

£1.99 , IOS


Circuit training is where it’s at with Sworkit. This handy little app creates a customized circuit training workout for you using only your bodyweight – no props, no excuses!  Choose from a 5mins workout all the way up to 60mins if you’re feeling generous with your time, plus there’s photo diagrams with each exercise or if you really can’t work out a move then there’s a video option too. You can even select a yoga or stretching specific sequence.

Free, IOS, Android


Hope you enjoy,

Team ESC x