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Digital Detox 2018

by Team ESC -

We use face masks to purge our skin, everything from charcoal to green juicing in an effort to detox our bodies; but what about a digital detox to soothe our over stimulated minds?

Lets face it phones have become an essential part of modern life.

Not only for communication, they are part of our daily routine, you check your emails before you get out of bed, order coffee using an app to speed up the commute and your weeks shopping will be delivered at the end of the day at the push of a button. Yes, they make life easier and more efficient. However, you can get too much of a good thing.

Research has shown that being ‘constantly connected’ has been contributing towards stress and anxiety, never allowing proper down time, constantly multitasking and lets not forget the FOMO that can occur viewing peoples perfect lives on social media.

Striking a balance and realising when it’s time to unplug is essential when it comes to mental wellbeing; so we’re challenging you to a Digital Detox for lent 2018. Can you leave your phone alone for one hour every day from the 14th Feb – 31st March? Here’s our top tips to help you move seamlessly from ONLINE to IRL:


Monitor your use

Moment is an app to track how many hours you spend using and checking your phone. Seeing the hard figures spent staring at a screen; rather than being used in a productive way can be the wake up call needed to create a change. What would you do with two extra hours in the day? Time to find out.


Plant a tree

One of our favourite app’s to assist with being more present is Forest.

You plant a seed that grows into a tree: but only if you can leave your phone alone for 25 minuets otherwise your cute little plant die’s a horrible leaf-less death. Need even more of an incentive? Each time you are successful you earn coins, once you have enough these can be spent on planting a tree in a REAL forest. Talk about a feel good pay off just for resisting scrolling instagram!


Don’t let push notifications push you around

It’s time to show that phone who’s boss! Start by disabling notifications on all of your social apps and email, whatsapp etc. You can choose when you interact, rather than being instructed to do so at the sound of a ping. Create set times in the day and allow yourself to scroll to your hearts content and when that time is over, stop.


Buy an alarm clock

Or better still, a retro teasmaid to wake you up with a warm cup of green tea!

Leaving your phone in another room overnight reduces the temptation to make it the first thing you look at in the morning. Give your mind and body a chance to wake up and be present, choose some things you are grateful for and start your day with a calm outlook.

Beat boredom

Mindless scrolling is an easy distraction for when you are bored or experiencing uncomfortable emotions. At ESC we believe in the power of movement to manage our monkey brains and find some inner Zen. So if you are feeling listless, put on some leggings and go for a workout. Listen to music on your phone while you are doing it? Make sure it’s in airplane mode so you wont be interrupted. Healthy body, healthy mind.


Slowly does it

Just like any other detox, the more you need one the tougher it feels during, and the better you feel after!

If you are a serial phone checker, start with leaving it alone for smaller intervals; then work up to an hour before bed (this helps reduce blue light exposure and encourages better sleep) In the evening put your phone somewhere central in your house rather than in arms reach, this way you are less likely to indulge in mindless scrolling. Eventually working yourself up to one day a week where you are fully screen free.