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ESC Meets: Sam Yo

by Team ESC -

We caught up with Sam Yo; Personal Trainer and Digme Fitness Instructor, over one of his [killer!] Digme Matrix classes & coffee to chat all things fitness, motivation & adventure - with a hint of Backstreet Boys thrown in for good measure..!


What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

I’ve always been active. I did martial arts when I was younger, along with track, being captain of the county football team, and training in modern and ballet dance.  So stepping into the fitness industry was a natural progression. And I'd always had amazing and inspirational coaches to encourage me. It is largely because of that great training I received actually - I wanted to pass that on to others.


How long have you been a PT?

Over 12 years.  Let's just say it was back when the Backstreet Boys had a number hit in the charts!


What do you enjoy most about it?

Watching people grow in confidence as they start to achieve want ever goals they are seeking.  I always say that your goals are free but we are here to put in the work together to get them.


What’s it like to work at Digme Fitness? How’re the classes there different to other HIIT classes in London?

The classes at Digme are set at a world class standard. There are no gimmick-y classes that could damage your body long-term. The programs there are thought out biomechanically to work with the body.


We’re all about ‘empowered moments’ at ESC! Has there been a standout moment in your life so far?

My time spent as a Buddhist Thailand. It was not only empowering but also enlightening.

[Makes a note to ask Sam more about this post interview!] 


How do you make every second count?

Live life to the fullest!  Regret is always one of hardest things to live with.  Regret something you have done because you can always take the reasonability to make it right if you were wrong.  But never knowing because you were too scared to take action will haunt you.


What’s your favourite ESC item?

I have a pair of the ESC Kinetic shorts that I love! They let me to move freely, I can even do big tuck jumps! Plus they're super soft and comfy!


If you could have a brunch date with anyone (absolutely anyone!), who would it be and why?

The Rock Dwayne Johnson because he is The Rock Dwayne Johnson.


Bucket list adventure?

Skydiving in New Zealand…. coming soon December 2018


If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

Embrace every second with gratitude, vulnerability and humility.  That way you can always be your true self no matter the challenge set before you. “Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try” – Yoda


Thank you so much Sam, hopefully we won't ache too much after that class tomorrow!


To keep up with Sam and Digme Fitness follow them on Instagram:

Sam's account

Digme Fitness


Until next time,


Team ESC x