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ESC Reviews: Mindful Chef

by Team ESC -

Tired of the lack of choice in her local supermarket, ESC Marketing Manager Lorna wanted to find an easy, healthy & convenient dinner solution to keep her well fuelled during her training for the London marathon…


Living in London can be busy at the best of times but trying to fit in marathon training, friends and work whilst maintaining a healthy and fulfilling diet requires a lot of forward planning. 

When I’m training for a marathon I run anything between 70 and 100km a week! I do 80% of my training after work, 4 nights a week, and a long run (25km+) on a Sunday. This leaves little time for cooking or food shopping in the week.

I’d seen adverts for various food boxes on the tube, in magazines and on Instagram but had always been quite sceptical. I live with my boyfriend who’s a long distance runner too (he clocks up even more miles than me a week!) so I was worried about the boxes having enough protein and calories for him as they’re often marketed as ‘diet’ type meals. We need nutrients, carbs and protein to keep us fuelled for the weeks and months of training.

I’ve always been aware of how my nutrition can affect my performance and have a bookcase full of books including Shalane Flanagan’s Run Fast, Eat Slow, the Runners World Cookbook and as much as I love the recipes in these books, I do not always have the time to source the ingredients.

So I started to look into the food delivery box options available. Mindful Chef caught my eye as all of the recipes are developed by their in-house nutritionist and checked by their co-founder Myles, who’s a personal trainer. The other thing I liked about Mindful Chef was that none of their boxes included pasta! I know this may sound odd coming from a marathon runner, but I have never been able to stomach pasta; a lot of the other food delivery box options based their whole marketing and proposition on pasta dishes.

All of their recipes are also 100% dairy and gluten free - another huge tick from me!   

They also offer a different vegan option every week, which although I am not vegan I do often prefer the flavours in vegan and vegetarian food.

They give you the choice of 12 new recipes every week and you can order up to 5 recipes for 4 people a week. We opted to order 2 meals for 2 people, which costs around £25-£35 a week depending on the recipes. You select your recipes by Thursday evening and the box is delivered Sunday/Monday depending on where you live. All meat is packaged to keep cool, so if you’re not in it can be left with a neighbour for a few hours.

We were so excited to receive our first box. The ingredients are split into two brown paper bags and include a recipe card for each. I love this, as you can make the meals you like again at a later date or share with friends.

All the recipes include no more than 10 ingredients and take up to 30 minutes to prepare.

We found the portions more than generous so Steve has a man portion and I make mine a little smaller! Our favourite recipes so far have included Pork & Apricot Meatballs with Quinoa, Sticky Sesame Chicken with egg & kale rice and Crispy Courgette Fitters with Avocado.

The Mindful Chef boxes have truly changed the way we cook and eat so if you’re looking for a convenient but healthy food delivery box I couldn’t recommend them enough.

It’s been so nice to know that post long-run on a Sunday we’ll have a nutritional, creative and flavoursome meal waiting for us to prepare. They’ve also educated us on flavours and taste. All of the meals have been so full of flavour.

We can’t wait to get our next one!


Mindful Chef have given us an exclusive code to share with you; use ESC10 at to get £10 off your first box today.



Team ESC