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ESC Reviews: Neuro Motion

by Team ESC -

We’ve always been huge fans of Motion Nutrition; from their pre and post workout recovery shakes to their organic protein powders. Co-founded by Joe and Charlie, their knowledge and dedication to find the perfect ingredients has always been unrivalled. So we were super excited when they invited us to the launch of their new product category; nootropics.

I’m not going to lie; our knowledge on nootropics was pretty limited before Joe contacted us about the Neuro Motion launch.

So what are they? Nootropics, sometimes called ‘smart drugs’ (no, do not think Bradley Cooper in Limitless!), are a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that are used to improve concentration and boost memory power. They include compounds, nutrients and herbs that improve brain function and long-term health. 


Motion Nutrition have recognised that, whilst a lot of us know the importance of mental health, few of us are actually aware of brain health issues. We’re all ageing and as we do the risk of degeneration increases for all of us. Even fewer of us know that the brain is the only part of our bodies that lacks the capacity to restore. While other organs are constantly changing, the brain cannot grow new cells or neurons. So it’s essential that we look after the ones we do have.

Developed by leading neuro science researchers, both the Power Up and Unplug supplements use the safest and most researched natural food-based nootropics; there’s nothing synthetic about any of their ingredients. Every ingredient in Power Up is a real food product deeply grounded in nutritional science with excellent human clinical results and is safe for long-term use. They’re also vegan, vegetarian and gluten friendly.


So just how much can a tablet help improve our brain’s capacity, mental focus or sleep? And why do we need nootropics to help? In an age where we’re awake, working and exercising more hours than ever, is it because we need intervention to help maintain those levels of focus we’re used to? 

I tried both Power Up and Unplug, the two components of the Neuro Motion range, for 30 days straight. And here’s what happened.

Day 1-3, I didn’t noticed a difference using the Power Up capsules, but they’d been training days for me (I often run 10km+ before work). So I was probably feeling ‘high’ these days regardless. The real test would be the later weekdays where I’d normally fatigue. I decided to swap my normal cashew latte for the tablets Thursday and Friday that week. And to my surprise my focus didn’t dip; it was just like having my normal morning coffee - but something, I can’t place, felt clearer.

The first week using the Unplug capsule was different. I often struggle to sleep through; waking up at least 1-2 times has become normality for me. But, from the second night taking Unplug, I have slept all the way through.  So this was a huge plus.  I also felt like I’d had a really deep sleep!

By the second and third weeks I could notice a marked difference from taking both capsules; I was less reliant on coffee and sleeping more fluidly. Of course, there were times when I felt tired; when you have a full time job and a busy training schedule, you’re bound to fatigue. But there was a huge improvement in my awareness and focus that could only be due to the nootropics.

By the end of the third week, I’d gotten used to the nootropics and how they worked for me. I felt like I didn’t need the Power Up capsules at the weekend; my routine is less hectic, I don’t have to travel far and exercise is my priority.  So I stopped taking them Saturday and Sunday. And it still worked well for me. I am sure there’s probably a reason you’re meant to take them 7 days a week but I found that I didn’t need that level of focus on a weekend, and that, if anything I needed to switch off a bit more. But it’s not to say this wouldn’t suit other lifestyles or people.


Overall I would definitely recommend trying both Power Up and Unplug. As you know, everyone is different so I can’t say that they’ll have the same effect on you. But as far as ‘smart drugs’ go these have to be the best out there for your health.

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Let us know how you get on!

Until next time,

Team ESC