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ESC Meets: Innermost Founder Shivraj Bassi

by Team ESC -

We caught up with Shivraj Bassi, founder & CEO of ground-breaking nutritional supplements brand Innermost. Innermost was founded to connect with modern consumers of health and fitness. They do that by challenging the status quo, and by making nutrition products that are smart, effective and understandable. 


While only launching in 2017, it’s very hard to go to a fitness gym or studio in London without spotting their products behind the counters or on the shelves. Their point of difference? A unique take on nutritional supplements developed by leading nutritionists that combine functional ingredients and nootropic adaptogens to benefit both body and mind.


  1. What inspired you to create Innermost?


I was raised in a household where food was regarded as medicine. Growing up, I developed an interest in fitness and while I’ve used nutritional supplements in the past, I always felt there was a gap between what I wanted to put into my body versus what was available out there. I felt the market was calling out for a smarter and more interesting approach, which led to the creation of Innermost.


  1. What can Innermost offer to customers that other nutrition brands can’t?


Innermost represents a modern approach to nutritional supplements. All our ingredients were chosen by leading nutritionists using evidence-based research. By creating our products from the ground-up, we’ve been able to develop a range of smart, effective and understandable products that represent some of the best nutritional supplements on the market today. Each Innermost product has been tailored to help achieve different goals across 4 categories – Strong, Fit, Health and Lean. We also have a very clear sense of what we stand for as a brand. That means you may find us pushing back on some of the stereotypes we see within the industry and focusing instead on celebrating people’s differences to inspire them to live their best lives.



  1. How do you source your ingredients? Why is this process so important?


Quality nutrition goes hand in hand with quality ingredients. Our process started with listening to people and understanding their goals. We then challenged our team of leading clinical nutritionists to identify the right research-backed ingredients to help achieve them. Our next challenge was sourcing the ingredients and we searched high and low for the very best: unadulterated, responsibly sourced, low-sugar and GMO-free. Furthermore, everything we make is manufactured and independently tested in the UK to ensure what we say is in the product is really all that’s in the product.



  1. We’re all about ‘empowered moments’ at ESC! Has there been a standout moment in your life so far?


Taking the leap from corporate life to pursue my passion and set up Innermost. It was scary, nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time. The growth we’ve seem and amazing positive feedback we’ve had in the short time since we launched has been nothing short of surreal.


  1. How do you make every second count? 


Work hard, stay humble, be positive and focus on my goals.


  1. What’s your favourite ESC item?


I’m loving my Split Second Seamless Polo and hoping to get my hands on some Timeless Joggers when the weather gets a little colder.


  1. If you could have a brunch date with anyone (absolutely anyone!), who would it be and why?


I’ll go with Bono or Steve Jobs. Two different characters but with similar work ethics. To be able to create iconic songs and products that touch millions of people isn’t an accident. Their drive for perfection is legendary and I’d love to ask either one of them how they were able to inspire the people they needed to help them achieve their end goals.


  1. Bucket list adventure?


Cambodia. I’ve yet to visit Angkor Wat but I’ve heard it’s one of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful places on Earth.


  1. If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?


Be you. Don’t feel the need to conform or fit another person’s ideal. Understand what works for you and find your own way.



Thank you so much Shiv. We can’t wait to see what other exciting projects Innermost have coming up!

To keep up with innermost and find out how their products can help you #liveinnermost, follow them on Instagram.

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They're also stocked in pretty much every London gym including our faves Digme Fitness

Until next time,

Team ESC x