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Pilates with ESC Founder Sally

by Team ESC -
Last week saw the launch of our exciting collaboration with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi in Singapore. ESC founder Sally was there to join in the fun of the launch evening and also to teach two exclusive Pilates classes at TripleFit and Trium Fitness. 
The fitness scene is booming in Singapore with gyms and studios like TripleFit and Trium leading the charge with their spacious locations, premium equipment and innovative classes - we're obsessed with how bright and spacious they were!
With a strong focus on restoring the connection between mind and body Sally challenged the classes to think about the way they move with the idea that sometimes the smallest movements can be the most challenging! 
"Teaching in Singapore was so much fun. Everyone was so enthusiastic about Pilates and it was nice to see so many people taking part in each class. I had a range of bodies, from complete newbies to Pilates to ones that would give me a run for my money in terms of alignment, strength and balance(!),  so it was really exciting for me to work with everyone. I was pleased to see we even had 1 guy in class!  - more men definitely need to discover the benefits of Pilates. I had a great experience in Singapore, everyone was very lovely and keen to learn which was really refreshing, plus I got to teach in two amazing studios." - Sally Dixon.
We hope you had an amazing time if you joined us. And if you're based in London or Oxford and interested in attending fitness events with Sally and #TeamESC then make sure you're signed up to our email newsletter - we've got some exciting events coming up! 
Until next time,
Team ESC x