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Running in the Dark

by Team ESC -

The clocks have gone back and the darkness has set in. The temptation to go straight home and curl up in front of the TV with the latest box set is real. Just the idea of exercising outside makes you feel cold! But you’re missing a trick; running in the dark is not only better for you, it’s proven that you’ll run faster too! Here’s our top benefits of running in the dark!

1. Stress Relieving
You’ve had a busy day at work and deadlines are looming, the best cure? A run to clear your head. Many runners feel that activity later in the day helps them decrease their stress level and end the day on a good note.

2. Run Faster
London University found a group of runners were consistently faster over a 10km course in night runs than over the same course during the day. We suspect this might be something to do with the cold and wanting to get home to the warm as soon as possible!

3. Make it Social
Running in the evening is a great way to catch up with friends (+ you’ll save money on drink and dinner catch-ups!). There are plenty of great running communities in London including Rep Runners, Wild Bunch and Midnight Runners who offer weekly group runs.

4. Better Sleep!
Studies have found that exercising before bedtime improves sleep and increases energy levels when you wake, well rested, the next day.

5. Run more, Eat less
If you’re running, it’s pretty hard to indulge in late-night snacks, and the promise of a post-dinner run means you’re likely to eat smaller, healthier portions, which, we all know, is better for you.

6. Better Form
You rely less on your eyes when you run at night, and your feel for the ground is greater, so you are likely to run more effectively and have fewer injuries.

7. Peace & Quiet
We’ve all tried to run along the Thames during summer aka peak tourist season in London and it’s not fun! Winter comes and we claim our pavements and peace back! You’re able to appreciate the river views again without dodging the tourists!

8. What sweat?
Running outside in the winter is cold; the benefit of this is that you’ll sweat less! And feel more comfortable on your run! Plus, with it being dark, no one can see your sweat anyway!

But to fully enjoy your outdoor run you need to be dressed correctly. So it’s essential you invest in winter training wear to make sure you’re visible to cars, cyclists and pedestrians! The saying is true; safety does come first, so we’ve developed a special reflective range for men and women to ensure you’re visible at night. You might want to invest in a headtorch as well.
Let us know how you’re winter training goes @everysecondcounts.

Thank you for reading,
Team ESC x