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Extra Hour

We’re sure you’ve already ‘clocked’ that on Sunday at 2am the UK reverts back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by going back one hour, to 1am. Marking the official end of British summertime and most importantly means that you’ll have an extra 60 minutes to yourself on Sunday!

How will you be spending yours? Perhaps you’ll try that class you’ve wanted to do for ages, or dabble in some food prep Sunday?

The extra hour is a gift; so make sure you use it wisely. #TeamESC share how they’ll be spending theirs…


Megan Rossi @theguthealthdoctor, ESC Ambassador

Did you know boosting the health of your guts is one of the most effective ways to enhance your overall health and wellbeing?

I’m going to be spending my extra hour experimenting in the kitchen with kefir and kombucha. These delicious drinks are made from good bacteria and yeast known as a SCOBY! Check out my Instagram for more information about how you can make your own!


Zoe Shelley @z_shelley, ESC Ambassador

I’ll be using it to work on some recovery with the foam roller and trigger ball. Recovery sessions are just as important as my workouts and ensure I keep a healthy, functioning body but I am guilty of neglecting them due to time constraints.


Nick Quinton @gorunright, ESC Ambassador

With my girlfriends surprise birthday celebrations this weekend (I hope she’s not reading this!) and a busy week working nights and driving the Go Run Right project, the extra hour will be very welcome this weekend!

I’m normally a big fan of rest periods, if they are used effectively and are needed, but this extra hour has come at a time when I’m trying to disrupt previous patterns.

So I’m going to try a new experience that might give me a new perspective. So I’ll be heading to my local Lido at dawn for the first of many cold-water swims – wish me luck!


Kemo Marriott @kemomarriott, ESC Ambassador

The time of year when the clocks go back, is a time of year when I like to be away!

I’m really engaging with the process of learning new skills at the moment; handstands, locomotion and muscle ups!

So, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to train with some amazing movement practitioners in Tel Aviv. I’ll be spending my #extrahour sharpening up my movement and skills in the sunshine.


Victoria Lazariuk, ESC CEO

Since having my baby earlier this year I’ve had to work extra hard to find time for me, including working out. At the weekends I have an agreement with my husband that we each get an hour to workout. Saturday is my day so I normally do Pilates as that’s what I’m trained in + it’s been nice to ease myself into something familiar even though my body feels so different postpartum.

But as we get an extra hour this weekend I’m going to use it to try a yoga studio my friend recommended that I haven’t been able to get to on a Sunday yet! I’m actually really excited to try something new and to start challenging my body again!


Lorna Elliott, ESC Marketing Manager

Being a dedicated long distance runner my Sundays are normally spent doing a ‘long run’ and (recovering from it!) with my partner Steve. We’ve got into a routine of running the same routes recently – the Thames is on our door step so we’re very lucky. But with the extra hour this weekend we’re going to use it to get the train to my parents and run there instead + we’ll be able to see my Dad for his 65th birthday party! Run then cake = the dream!


Running in the Dark

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