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Megan Rossi

Dr Megan Rossi’s countless accolades speak for themselves. A Registered Dietician with a PhD in gut health from The University of Queensland, Australia, it’s fair to say that Megan knows a thing or two about diet and nutrition.

Not only has she received the Dean’s Award for outstanding research, she was also selected as one of nine international female success stories by Cosmopolitan magazine. After completing her work as a sports nutritionist for the Australian Olympic Synchronised Swimming team, Megan now splits her time between the UK and Oz, juggling her role as a lecturer at the University of Queensland with her job as a Research Associate at King’s College, London where she explores the success of the low FODMAP diets, pre and probiotics and dietary fibres.

If that wasn’t enough Megan has also opened up a gut health clinic on Harley Street, London and is working with Leon restaurants on a nationwide initiative. With a wealth of nutritional knowledge, Megan makes the science of gut health easy to digest with her tips on social media and her investigative work into nutrition-based therapies on her website. It’s no wonder she has been touted as one of the six new wellness stars to watch in 2017 by Women’s Health UK.

Beat the Bloat by Dr Megan Rossi

Written by Team ESC

Beat the Bloat by Dr Megan Rossi
Beat the Bloat by Dr Megan Rossi

Written by Team ESC

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