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Nick Quinton

Running & Fitness coach and Former Paratrooper

Paramedic by day and Fitness Coach by night may be what Marvel films are made of but Nick is in fact our very own superhero. As a former Paratrooper and Physical Training Instructor in the British Army, Nick was responsible for arduous training packages, developing raw recruits and instilling an airborne ethos in his team. 

With 9 years of working in the outdoor fitness world under his belt, Nick launched the Go Run Right Project in 2017, a series of programmes designed to take your running to the next level.

Nick now splits his time between providing pre-hospital care on the streets of London and helping people to find their running flow. With a strong belief that movement and technique should be the primary focus in fitness, Nick empowers runners to improve their technique through personal analysis, feedback and a systematic approach to movement patterns.

The 3 Running Pillars by Nick Quinton

Written by Team ESC

The 3 Running Pillars by Nick Quinton
The 3 Running Pillars by Nick Quinton

Written by Team ESC

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