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Meet celebrity trainer Sam Eastwood


Meet Sam Eastwood, London based celebrity trainer and lifestyle coach (& all round fitness goddess!). A former model, Sam learnt to keep lean and strong through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices during her gruelling catwalk schedules; ensuring she didn’t bulk but maintained a womanly shape.

Her method focuses on core (Pilates) based training encouraging stability and strength whilst building a strong base to help prevent injury. She now uses this method to help Hollywood’s elite and her subscribers achieve their fitness goals.

We caught up with Sam over a coffee to quiz her on everything from her weekly training regime, favourite places to bucket list adventures! 

1. What does an average week look like for you? How often do you train?
I tend to train most days and when I’m not with clients, I’ll often head out for a long run and spend some time on my own fitness. There’s nothing quite like a 10k through Richmond Park to clear the head and feed the soul! My days are very much carved to fit around client’s needs. I might spend the morning in the studio before heading out for a lunch time meeting, then it might be back to the studio for some strength and conditioning work before picking up my daughter from school and heading home to prepare dinner. It’s a juggling act but I quietly love the chaos…

2. Have you set any goals that you’re working on now?
I ran a half marathon last year and would like to continue to work on my longer distance running. I’ve also started surfing and love the balance challenges it brings. Thankfully years of working my core is helping…!
3. What is your favourite ESC item?
I love the new Grand Slam Legging and Go Faster legging – both super cool prints with high tech fabrics that keep me cool as I move. The Epoch Sports Bra is a favourite too. The bold colours make me feel nothing short of awesome when I’m out running.

To be honest I really like all of the AW17 collection – the styles are fresh & understated with lovely deep colours that represent the season beautifully. For me quality is key and the innovative fabrics, great cuts and tiny design details are what make this a stand out collection. [-she’s making us blush, thank you Sam!]

4. Has there been a standout moment in your life so far?
Realizing the power of pilates. After having my daughter I felt out of control as giving birth is such a marathon event! Pilates was the only thing that mentally and physically put me back together again.

5. How do you start your day?
With a bowl of oats and a great coffee. Every day!

6. How do you make every second count?

My mantra in life is to just go for it. Don’t think about it (as by then the moment has often passed). Get up, move, try something new, put yourself out there, don’t hold back.

I’m generally a positive person with a ‘can do’ approach to life. The power of shifting your mindset and becoming a ‘yes’ person can be incredibly beneficial to happiness. Every Second Counts indeed!

7. How would you describe your style?
I’m usually in leggings and trainers every day and feel totally at home in my ‘work outfit’. The advancement of fabrics and technical detailing has made my job so much easier and I love that I can go from studio to restaurant to office to school pick up without having to change. I’d probably describe my style as ‘cool and relaxed but thoughtful’. That said, I do love a splash of glamour now and again and never miss an opportunity to dress up.

8. Where’s your favourite place in the world?
I can’t say that one country is my favorite as everywhere I travel brings a new experience, but I do love my bed on a Sunday morning when it’s teaming with my family and tea and toast. There’s no place quite like home.

9. Bucket list adventure?
I’m doing my bike license right now so probably somewhere on a motorbike… we’re thinking Vietnam by bike!

10. If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

Use all your will power to simply start something. Don’t wait until Monday, start today!

Thank you Sam, it’s been a pleasure! Sam will be running the Ladies 10k Sunday 8th October so make sure you look out for her.

Until next time!


Team ESC x


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