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The slopes are calling you, the research done, the kit sized up and purchased, you’re ready to go. But are you Ski-fit?  Skiing is a total body workout and calls on other elements of fitness other than the obvious legs and core. It demands balance, agility and coordination. To leave for the slopes underprepared is to shorten your skiing time because your body just won’t take punishment.

Here’s 4 exercises from Director of Equilibrium – Total Balance, Niko Algieri, to help increase your ski-fitness and maximise your time on the slopes:

1.      Squat

The most important and STILL the most underrated exercise in business. It works the whole body including all the key skiing muscles, quads, hamstrings, glutes and core. Ideal rep range is 15-20 and do 6 sets with 45s rest in between.

2.     Walking lunges

Unilateral work is important for skiers.  You won’t always be perfectly working on two legs in line, you’ll lose balance and one leg will need to take over so weighted walking lunges will help prep for this eventuality. Hold 2 x 5kg dumbbells (one in each hand) and walk forward for 10 lunges and then turn around and repeat. 4 x sets with 60s rest in between

3.     Jump Squats

Plyometric work is the best and most brutal prep for skiers.  Prep yourself for the uneven terrain by jumping out your squat and landing in a squat. This works your endurance to last longer out on the slopes. Do this Tabata style (8 rounds of 20s work 10s rest)

4.     The plank into side plank

Your core is what holds you upright when you’re skiing so get it strong and under your control. Perform the basic plank for 60s then turn to one side (side plank) and for 30s then to the other side. Do this for 3 sets

Finally, work on your mobility and flexibility pre and post session so that you’re less susceptible to injury. If you’re not injured, you can book another sneaky ski trip the week after too!

Good luck!


Pose: Standing Wide-Leg Forward Bend

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SS17 Sneak Peek!

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