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Our obsessions: snack bars

Do you ever get a bit peckish during the day? The mid afternoon slump catches us all out and often sees us reaching for high sugar snacks but with so many different healthy snack bar options out there now there’s no excuse for bad snacking habits. Here are our top 4…


9 bar                                               

The 9bar is the perfect way to mix an extra energy boost with a fantastic, tasty, guilt-free snack. Our favourite is the original 9bar with hemp, poppy, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds all jam packed in to one delicious bar!


Meridian Almond bar

New kid on the block – we discovered this addition to the Meridian range at BeFit and it launched into Holland & Barrett this month. Peanut butter in a bar, need we say more – heaven for fellow peanut butter fans!


PhD Diet Whey Bar

There is a whopping 25grams of protein per bar Diet Whey Bar with the added benefit of chromium to maintain stable blood sugar levels – bye bye post-snack crashes that leave you feeling like you want to crawl under your desk. The main reason we love it over all other protein bars is because it has less than 1g of sugar per bar. Protein bars are usually packed with sugars so this one is definitely a Team ESC post-workout favourite

 Food Doctor

The Food Doctor

The Fig & Mango Wholesome Bar is packed with anti-oxidants (which give your immune system a helping hand) and fibre, real figs and mangoes mixed with seeds and gluten free grains for a delicious on-the-go combo. Great for a mid-afternoon pick me up rather than reaching for the tea and biscuits.


Next time you have the urge for a sweet treat, swap the chocolate and sweets for one of these delicious snack bars!



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